Yu (Fish), have been the principal subject in artworks and sculptures for many millennia in China, including the fine arts works and classical literature. These elegant Yu have been found on Chinese artifacts. The words for “fish” and “abundance” are pronounced the same in Chinese. Therefore, Yu in the Chinese culture have symbolized wealth, since recorded history. Yu also symbolize harmony and marital happiness as many of the Yu are seen swimming in pairs.

As far back as 1162, the Empress of the Song Dynasty commissioned the construction of a beautiful pond to collect and admire the red and gold variety of the delightful specialized fish. Yellow being the Imperial color, citizens outside of the Imperial family were forbidden to keep fish of the gold or yellow variety. Now, people around the world prize the dazzling fish in their own personal fishponds.

But Yu (fish) are more than simply beautiful. They invite wealth and prosperity, especially in business and personal affairs. Throughout the history of Chinese customs, the constant movement of the blissful Yu encourages growth of money, stability and peace. Symbolically, if you have an abundance of Yu , you have a double abundance of gold. A gift of the propitious Yu is a gift of great fortune.

Yu (fish) represent not only elegance and beauty, but endurance, perseverance and swimming against the tide; symbolic of showing no fear when presented with life’s challenges and overcoming great obstacles that lie in ones’ path.

A most auspicious Yu (fish) and one worthy of the enormous attention we place on carving the flowing Yu on our handbags. The water drops formed by the swimming Yu are expressed with natural pearls, embedded into the leather. The delicate pearls suggest purity, dignity, nobility and of course, wisdom.