Privations and affluence, neither unsettles me, as I silently observe the beauty of nature’s blossoms; Time extends equally forward and back as I contemplate the dancing of the glorious clouds.

A Chinese couplet, using only a few words, tells the author's attitude toward life. It is only when you are indifferent to the admiration of others and your status in society, can one become resilient, with an irrepressible spirit. Only then can you find your inner peace.

This was the couplet from which our master designer found inspiration to create the glorious Clouds Collection.

In China, clouds, also called auspicious clouds, represent a good omen and "good luck" as the Chinese word for cloud is pronounced quite similarly to the word YUN meaning "luck" or "fortune". The stylized cloud is commonly seen in various forms of design, which is often pictured embroidered on apparel, carved into jade and sculptures and in numerous ink drawings and paintings. When clouds are repeated in a pattern, the sentiment expresses best wishes for the future and symbolizes never-ending fortune. Stylized cloud patterns have appeared for thousands of years in Chinese history. The iconic cloud motif conveys enthusiasm, happiness and inner peace.

We scrupulously hand carve and delicately paint into luxurious, rich, vegetable tanned leather the classic Chinese clouds that have been an iconic image for thousands of years. This seamless blend of ancient symbolism and modern fashion create a perfect philosophy of balance.